Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2017

  • 2017 Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling

    ‘Cordon Cut’ refers to the unusual practice of cutting the canes allowing the grapes to raisin naturally on the vine.

    The process naturally concentrates both flavour and sugar levels. Stephanie’s decision when to pick is based on both appearance and taste. Intimate knowledge of the process, rather than technical analysis, is critical.

    Stephanie’s 2017 Cordon Cut is quite simply her best yet. Sadly there’s only half the normal
    production, which means some people will most certainly miss out. The Mount Horrocks Auburn Vineyard normally supplies the Cordon Cut fruit, however frost damage to that site meant that this year the fruit came solely from the Watervale Vineyard. Picking continued through until May 15, with a little botrytis influence on the uncut fruit, the first time since 2011.

    Consequently it is a bit lusher than the last couple of releases but still fresh and elegant. “It’s more concentrated in part due to the extended time on vine and the touch of botrytis influence” says Steph, “I believe it’s destined to be a classic.” Be sure to get in early with your order as this will sell out quick smart.


    Tasting Notes

    Bright pale white gold.

    Pretty floral, spice and lime juice aromatics, with an appealing touch of fresh vanilla bean.

    Combines the intensity of flavor of the naturally raisined fruit with crisp acidity and minerality to deliver a delicious, refreshing sweet white that doesn’t cloy – it is vibrant, juicy and is so appealing.

    Will age for 10 plus years.



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