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Semillon Tasting

Mount Horrocks Semillon 2008 & 2002

2002 Mount Horrocks and 2008 Mount Horrocks impressed us. The ’02 is still very fresh and lemony, with the oak well disguised but adding complexity and texture. Hooke thought it “a delicate style – youthful and fragrant, with flower gardens and herbs. It combines delicacy with intensity and good balance. The alcohol shows, but it’s still lovely.” The ’08 is simply a young version, with the same intense lemon aroma and hints of hay and biscuits. The palate is crisp and tight. There’s excellent length, too. This should age just as well as the ’02, both passing 10 and perhaps even 15 years with ease.

Tasting Pannel:

Peter Bourne, Andrew Caillard, Peter Forrestal, Huon Hooke, Sophie Otten and Nick Bullied.

April/May 2009