Australian Wine Review

Australian Whites with personality

By Andrew Graham

Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2009

95 Points

I couldn’t stop drinking this, which is rare indeed for a ‘dessert wine’, and such contrast to the heavy, 1-glass-is-well-enough, typical Oz sticky style.

Nose is all lime juice and honeysuckle, but more just Clare Riesling x2, almost like the normal Mount Horrocks Riesling has been turned up to 11. The nose itself doesn’t actually smell sweet either, which I really like. Moving on, the palate has a buzzy, honey and lime fruit flavour that has me thinking of lime Icy Poles, but better, drier, crisper. Just like any icy pole though, this was so refreshing and tasty that I almost forget the simple perfection on offer. This wine has to be the best Australian dessert wine I have has in a very long time. Outstanding stuff.

5th December 2009