The Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling is listed in the Wine Spectator Magazine’s

25 world-class
reds and whites that
define the country’s best
By Harvey Steiman

“Sampling more than 1,000 Australian wines a year made narrowing the field to 25 a serious challenge – Barossa Valley Shiraz alone could fill the quota”

Mount Horrocks
Riesling Cordon Cut

Every autumn, Stephanie Toole goes through her 25 acres of vineyards in Clare Valley carefully slicing part way through the fruiting Riesling canes. Then she leaves the grape bunches to raisin naturally on the vine. Several weeks later, if it hasn’t rained excessively, Toole harvests the grapes to produce the Cordon Cut, a sweet wine of astonishing richness and vivid flavour.

A vein of refined acidity runs through the sweetness to balance the wine, making it feel vibrant and framing the heady lime-accented green plum, pineapple and apricot flavours. In some vintages, a mineral component is present. But the wine is unaffected by botrytis, so it never gets too honeyed.

Toole bought Mount Horrocks in 1993, and in 1998 opened a tasting room and restaurant around the corner from Grosset, her husband’s winery, where she makes her wines.

Other wines of note: The dry Riesling Watervale ($20) has classic Clare Valley quince and mineral character, made in a steely style.