Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2019

2019 Cordon Cut Riesling – SOLD OUT


This is the 27th vintage, with production a mere 500 dozen due to seasonal conditions. Made by a complex, highly risky process requiring both skill and experience, the underlying principle is that the vine canes are completely severed, and the grape bunches are left to shrivel, like raisins, on the vine. The decision to pick is made by Stephanie not based on analysis but rather by appearance and taste of the fruit, and her intimate knowledge of the process.

Pale white gold.
Effusively fragrant floral and ripe citrus tones. The very definition of perfumed. A very elegant release of Cordon Cut: delicate, yet intense and with incredible length of flavour. Juicy ripe lemons and limes with vibrant acidity balancing the sugar intensity. Long on flavour, the refreshing acid structure rounding out what is a terrific release  that will continue to build further with time in bottle. Minimum ten year cellaring potential..


Tyson Stelzer, WBM Magazine – 96 Points

Ralph Kyte-Powell, The Real Review “…lush and very sweet with good depth, tangy acid balance…”



  • The Real Review
    Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2019 93 Points By Ralph Kyte-Powell It’s a glittering yellow wine with pungent aromas reminiscent of sweet tropical fruits, flowers and wild honey. The palate is lush and very sweet with good depth, tangy acid balance and tight backbone. The Real Review March 2020
  • WBM Magazine
    Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2019 By Tyson Stelzer 96 Points  A magnificent Cordon Cut that basks in the concentration of its dry, low-yeilding season, making for a wine at once more succulent and simultaneously more zesty than ever. Its grand complexity cements a delectably enthralling style that perfectly juxtaposes exuberant sweetness with a grand acid line and exceptional …