Mount Horrocks Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

170 Cases Produced

A wine that has been described as ‘textbook’, yet in today’s world, the making of this wine is now anything but ‘typical’.

Hand-picked from Stephanie’s low yielding vineyard, the ferment is gently plunged 3-4 times a day. The wine then spends 18 months maturation in French barriques, 35% of which are new. Single vineyard, organically grown, this is a powerful wine from an extremely low yielding vintage.

While this may sound ‘textbook’, in reality hand harvesting cabernet sauvignon has become rare. Machine harvesters are both efficient and less expensive compared to hand harvesting. Organic and biodynamic certification is demanding and an expense.
So why bother?

Stephanie has an answer to all this. Machines are not the same as hands. Chemical residues, as safe as they may be, are best avoided. ‘Textbook’ winemaking then becomes very straightforward – when fruit is received undamaged and untainted, winemaking can become an exercise in guidance rather than intervention. Importantly, Stephanie believes that the only way to decide if the effort is worth it is simply to taste!.


Tasting Notes:

Great depth of colour. Cabernet’s distinctive blackcurrant and briar notes on both nose and palate, along with chocolate, black olive and smooth, supple tannins. A medium bodied, very fine, elegant wine that will sail effortlessly through the years to well past 2040.