Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2022


“This is my 30th vintage of Cordon Cut. A highly risky and complex process, the making of this wine is very much about seat-of-pants decision making and this is where the experience of 30 vintages certainly helps!” says Stephanie.

The high-risk part comes after the canes that feed the fruit are cut – causing that fruit to concentrate – effectively using the vine as a drying rack for the fruit. Much depends on the weather conditions that follow – sunny and dry conditions work wonders; wet, cold or windy conditions all bring challenges. Stephanie uses intuition to decide the day to harvest.

This is a unique, delicious, concentrated wine that delivers all the hallmarks of riesling – citrus, florals and spice; beautifully expressed through an intense yet perfectly balanced palate and a pristine, clean finish.


Tasting Notes

Super lively, lifted candied citrus nose, spring florals.

Intense, essence of riesling – orange and lime zest, apricot and musk. Beautifully textured, with a fine acid backbone to balance the rich sweetness, which is not at all cloying.

Age worthy (8-10 years) but impossible to resist right now.



  • Max Allen
    The Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut, for example, made from riesling grapes that have been left on the vine to shrivel and concentrate their sugar, is unquestionably a wine that can develop and flesh out in the bottle for many years (the rich golden 2005 is still drinking well). But the 2022 ($42 for a 375ml bottle) …